Q: What payment methods are supported?
Q: Where can I buy Proteus products?
Q: In which countries is Proteus EcoMeter available?
Q: When do I need the optional antenna extension (EcoMeter (S) PLUS)?
Q. How can I cancel an order for Proteus Ecometer?
Q: How to activate the sensor (green rocket)?
Q: What can be measured using Proteus EcoMeter?
Q: How to configure the EcoMonitor / display?
Q: Why does the EcoMeter work in the "Fast" mode (flashes, warn beeps)?
Q: I have a threaded hole in my tank. How can I mount the sensor there?
Q: What is included in the Proteus EcoMeter (S) package?
Q: What is the maximum tank volume EcoMeter can measure?
Q: I have a spherical tank. Can EcoMeter calculate the volume correctly?
Q: I have no free threaded hole in my tank. How do I install the sensor?
Q: How do I configure the EcoMeter for battery tanks?
Q: How do I install the sensor on a horizontal cylindrical tank?
Q: Can you unplug the EcoMeter monitor?
Q: Why does the monitor not display an average consumption data?
Q: Condensation on the membrane causes erroneous readings. How do I avoid this?
Q: What is the offset?
Q: Why can't I set my offset to a value of 70 cm?
Q: How can I contact Proteus Support Team?