General Questions 


Q: What payment methods are supported?

A: We accept payments via PayPal and Amazon Payments. The PayPal payment gateway allows you to pay with all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) with 3D security without having to open an account.

It is also possible to pay via bank transfer through the PayPal gateway. 

Please select the method of payment in advance / bank transfer at checkout stage and then confirm the purchase. On the next page you will see details of our bank account. Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.

We only accept advance payments apart from individual cases and on special request.


Q: I do not want to open PayPal account 

A: No problem at all! PayPal now also accepts bank transfers and payments by debit or credit card, without having to open a user account. Simply select payment via PayPal and follow the instructions guiding you thorugh the payment process. 


Q: Where can I buy Proteus products?

A: Our products are sold through e-sensorix.shop website. Click on the Products menu, and then we'll guide you through the whole process of purchase - or simply click here.  If you prefer shopping at Amazon or Ebay, you can also purchase our products on these platforms. Note, however, that the selling price may be slightly higher in this case, as these sites charge extra fees.


Q: How much does the Proteus EcoMeter cost?

A: Proteus EcoMeter costs US$ 150 including Tax and the cost of delivery via DHL (within the US and Canada).



Q: In which countries is Proteus EcoMeter available?

A: We deliver in the US and Canada


Q: When do I need the optional antenna extension (EcoMeter (S) PLUS)?

A: EcoMeter (S) PLUS should be used for mounting the sensor in a well, cistern or underground tank at depths greater than 7 4/5" (20 cm).

The antenna extension is an additional 32 4/5 Feet (10 m) of cable connection between the sensor and the transmitter unit allowing to use the device with deep underground tanks, cisterns or in radio dead zones - in such case sensor can be installed in the tank, the cable then sends data to the transmitting unit located outside the tank or in the fuel filler cap.


Q. How can I cancel an order for Proteus Ecometer?

A. If you ordered a Proteus EcoMeter by mistake or lack of knowledge, you can return the device to us within six weeks using the right to cancel the contract.

Once we receive the returned product without any signs of wear, we refund you the full purchase costs.


Technical questions


Q: How to activate the sensor (green rocket)?

A: The sensor automatically turns on when it’s paired with the monitor. Make sure that the sensor display and touchscreen are facing in the same direction (as shown at pt 3 of Installation Guide). A small black dot on the left side of the sensor display must touch the right side of the monitor. Within 10 seconds the synchronization procedure starts. In this case the reed switch is closed and the sensor (rocket) becomes active.
You do not need to use  battery, the sensor is immediately ready for operation.


Q: What can be measured using Proteus EcoMeter?

A: Proteus EcoMeter is an ultrasonic level meter, to be used in all standard, unpressurized tanks and cisterns for storing water, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, AdBlue and other oils of A2, C1, C2 and D type (according to BS2869).


Q: How to configure the EcoMonitor / display?

A: Brochures attached to Proteus EcoMeter provide help with installation and configuration. Necessary information can also be found in the FAQ section of our website. There are also short videos explaining the first steps of activation and pairing the sensor.


Q: Why the EcoMeter works in the "Fast" mode (flashes, warn beeps)?

A. Fast mode remains active for about 10 minutes, so the currently measured values ​​are displayed by Ecomonitor virtually every second. This is particularly useful during startup to ensure proper sensor placement on the tank or cistern.

Take advantage of Fast mode and manually move the sensor up and down in order to verify its accuracy and reliability. You must set the sound cone of the sensor on the floor, wall or tabletop. Make sure that the sensor is able to receive signals reflected from the surface set at an angle of 90°.

In the case of fluctuations of the liquid level in the tank of about 1 1/5" (3 cm) per minute, the "Fast" mode is activated (measurements are done in real time). In this mode sensor operates for about 10 minutes measuring liquid level every second. Devices generates short beeps while operating in this mode for about 10 minutes.

After stabilization of liquid level in the tank EcoMeter returns to normal operation mode.


Q: I have a threaded hole in my tank. How can I mount the sensor there?

A: Proteus EcoMeter is supplied with an adapter for the three types of thread, it could be simply screwed into the hole. This adapter is compatible with all standard modern 2", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2 " threads found in tank holes/flanges.

Unfortunately there is no possibility of making any modificatios to the tank, or you may lose your approval from TÜV. it is necessary to have free threaded hole to fit EcoMeter sensor.

If your tank is equipped with mechanical level indicator, you can freely replace the device with EcoMeter. The threads are fully compatible.

Oil tanks without mechanical level gauge, bu with a hole and union nut to install the sensor will require use of a thread adapter.You can obtain it virtually for free from a local plumbing and heating systems specialist, if you ask nicely.


Q: What is included in the Proteus EcoMeter (S) package?

A: The product package includes:

1 x Proteus ultrasonic sensor (battery included)
1 x Proteus digital display monitor (including a 3V CR2450 battery)
1 x Power adapter (for Proteus Monitor)
2 x Screws
2 x Threaded rods (required for mounting the sound relay)
1 x Thread adapter (1¼", 1½", 2")
1 x Cover
1 x Installation Guide (in English)


Q: What is the maximum tank volume EcoMeter can measure?

A: Proteus EcoMeter (S) measures tank volumes up to 5283 1/5 Gallons (19.999 liters).


Q: I have a spherical tank. Can EcoMeter calculate the volume correctly?

A: Yes, we have software that allows you to enter custom data for offset and linearization table. It is available to download from the Help&info page of our website. Note that in this case, you will need the linearization table with 2/5" (1cm) increments.

Our experience shows that selecting B as tank type and its diameter as the height and width of the tank ensures to achieve optimal results, with only by a few percent difference comparing to the real tank parameters. The measurement accuracy of the sensor can cause higher inaccuracies in some cases if you do not enter the right parameters for spherical tank.


Q: I have no free threaded hole in my tank. How do I install the sensor?

A: If the tank does not have the free threaded hole, it must be created by a licensed professional. Under no circumstances should your carry out such task on your own, or you may lose the approval of your tank.

In most water tanks/cisterns you can drill a hole in the tank casing of the tank (if possible in the middle of the tank) or use a device for mounting the sensor. Make sure that the sensor is mounted at a distance of 5 9/10" (15 cm) away from the tank wall. Below on this page in the Support section we show you some useful examples of proper sensor installation, for example, using suitably curved metal slats, wooden or aluminum angle brackets or an innovative solution in the form of a piece of old angled shelf ... 


Q: How do I configure the EcoMeter for battery tanks? 

A. Please note that the tanks of your set have to be identical and must be coupled together to measure them with one device. Enter the dimensions of a single tank, but the total volume of all tanks in the battery.

A: For rectangular tanks:

- Select the type A tank.

- Enter the tank height (the distance between the sensor membrane and the bottom of the tank).

- Enter the total, combined volume of all tanks in the battery, i.e. for set of 3 tanks with a capacity of 396 1/4Gallons (1.500 liters) each please enter a total volume of 1188 4/5Gallons   (4.500 liters).

For rounded or oval tanks:

- Select the type B tank.

- Specify height and width of a tank.

- Enter total volume of all tanks.

EcoMeter can generate the correct readings only if all tanks have the same dimensions and are connected to each other (i.e., all the tanks have the same, constant liquid level).


Q: Can you detach unplug the EcoMeter monitor?

A: The Ecomonitor can be disconnected at any moment from the plug, especially in the summer, if you want to save energy. The configuration data will not be lost because it is supported by the internal battery. Re-establishment of communication with the sensor takes maximum of 30 minutes, the sensor does not have to be paired again. You will lose only average consumption data due to the lack of appropriate readings. These values will appear again after about one week.


Hint for installation in horizontal cylindrical tanks:

In the case of horizontal cylindrical tanks, the sensor must be installed in available threaded hole on the tank inlet. The sensor should be positioned at the center of the tank rather than at its edges. If there is only one free hole, install the sensor in place of the existing overfill protection.

It should be noted that due to the location of the sensor about  5 9/10"- 7 4/5" Inches (15 - 20 cm) above the inner diameter of the tank usually 63" (160 cm), you must also specify the tank height of the tank. In this case change standard offset value using software available in the Help&Info section from 4/5" to 5 9/10" - 7 4/5" Inches (2 cm to 15-20 cm), so that the Ecomonitor device will be able to calculate accurate volume of the tank.


Q: Why does monitor not display an average consumption data?



1. Keep in mind that only EcoMeter (and not EcoMeter S) offers such feature.

2. Due to the sensor accuracy +/- 2/5" (1 cm) for readings oil level must decrease by at least 4/5"(2 cm) per week. Only then accurate calculation and average consumption data will be available.

In general it may be take several weeks to display average consumption data. Especially in the summer, spring or autumn it takes more time, because the heating system do not work at full power and is used mostly to heat water for current needs. In this case fuel consumption will drop to a mere few Gallons per day.


Q: Condensation on the membrane cause erroneous readings. How to avoid this?

A: Especially in the case of underground as well as external tanks, it can happen that at higher ambient temperature (eg. in the autumn - winter and spring – summer seasons) condensed water is formed in the tank. In such case wipe the membrane dry and spray WD40 (or similar product producing the same effect) on the entire surface. This should prevent the accumulation of water droplets on the membrane, allowing proper measurements.


Q: What is the offset?

A: Using a parameter named offset you can set the mark of full tank. At default settings, this value is set at 4/52" (2 cm) below the sensor membrane (black disc on the device’s flange). When sensor is mounted higher, for example 5 9/10"(15cm) above the maximum fill level, you  should set the offset value to 5 9/10"(15cm), allowing Ecomonitor to properly detect and calculate the liquid level in the tank. In general offset is deducted from the actual value measured in Inches and this distance will not be included in the calculation of the current tank filled volume.

Download the software available in the Help&Info on our website. Pay attention to the various steps of the installation.


Q: Why can not I set my offset to a value of 70 cm?

A: The maximum offset value is currently limited by a formula of „tank height / 2 + 10cm“. This can lead to errors depending on the tank height, so correct offset values can not be entered.

We have released an updated software version allowing to change offset values for Ecomonitor. It has been available since mid-October 2015.


Warranty and Reimbursement

Warranty conditions


Proteus EcoMeter is covered under warranty for 24 months from the date of purchase, it is an insurance against defects and malfunction.

This has no impact on legal rights.

Normal wear and tear and damage resulting from negligence, accident or mishandling of the device or its improper installation is not covered by the warranty specified above.

Any modifications or changes to the device, including attempts to repair by the customer or a third party will invalidate the warranty conditions.

The warranty is only valid if the device has been installed according to the instructions and connected to power source with specified parametes. The warranty is cancelled if the device has been resold by the customer.

This product is intended only for personal use. Liabilities of RNE National LLC are limited to repair or, at the request of the customer, to replace the product.

The device should be returned only after receiving confirmation from Customer Support.

To contact the Customer Support, please fill out the form available on the E-Sensorix website Contact page. If necessary, return the complete package, so that the device can be checked for faults and the need for replacement confirmed.


RNE National LLC, its subsidiaries and distributors are not liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage that may be caused by the use of this product.


Right of Redemption

In case of malfunction the device will be taken back and refunded within 6 weeks, if returned in its original packaging with no missing parts. In case of missing parts or damage to the device, the impairment will be calculated (min. 15%). The cost of return shall be borne by the customer.


EcoMeter (S) exchange with EcoMeter (S) PLUS

An exchange with the PLUS version (with antenna extension) is possible at a flat price of US$ .

Please send us back a complete, non-defective product (with documentation and accessories), if possible in its original packaging.

Please also attach a written explanation of return (exchange) reason, the order number and a return address.


Technical Assistance and Support


Q: How can I contact Proteus Support Team?

A: The easiest way to obtain technical support is using our web site, simply complete the form on the Contact page, which is then automatically sent to Support Team. Please describe your problem as accurately as possible, our team will respond within 24 hours on business days. For specific questions, we may arrange a call back to you. Our customer service is available on business days. Feel free to call us at (310) 463.7869