Air Quality Monitor PM2.5

Air pollution is one of the main causes for health issues worldwide.

Sources estimate that poor air quality costs the United States alone over $78 billion dollars annually. 

A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) recently found that 92% of all people worldwide suffer from air pollution! They live in places where the air pollution limits are regularly exceeded. Every year, more than six million fatalities can be related to fine dust circulating in the air we breathe.

Breathing dirty air causes chronic illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis and contributes to terminal illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

In addition, because government-run air quality monitoring networks are sparse, publicly available air quality measurements don’t translate into an accurate assessment of personal exposure.

The Solution? A low-cost, portable air quality instrument such as Laser Egg


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Smart Air Quality Monitor for particulate matters: LaserEgg 2

The LaserEgg 2 is a smart air quality monitor that tracks in real-time the major factors of indoor and/or outdoor air quality: PM2.5, Air Quality Index (AQI), Temperature and Humidity. Automate good air within your smart home and take control of your indoor air quality by connecting your LaserEgg to Wi-Fi, then (optionally) pair it with other compatible smart devices in your home and bring the LaserEgg 2 to its full potential measuring and controlling the 'home vitals' : Control your smart AC, air purifiers, air filters, humidifiers and even your heating and feed vital data to your HomeKit. The LaserEgg 2 uses laser-based light scattering individually count particles as they enter the devices, and calculate PM2.5 concentration based upon these measurements. This allows for extremely fast measurements, with high accuracy readings calculated every 0.1 seconds. When using with the HomeKit, the Laser Egg 2 can turn on your air purifier via a PM2.5 levels rise, or change the color of your HomeKit enabled lights as the air quality changes. HomeKit devices can be connected and automated in just a few simple steps.
$159.90 $122.00